What’s the ultimate superpower to win at life?


I use the word superpower because it is possessed by very few, brave and hungry souls constantly striving for betterment.

Why can’t you be one of them? Oh I’ll give you a bunch of reasons.

1. Lack of focus- because you are comfortable. You’re functioning, having an above average social life and personal relationship with others and with yourself.

2. You get distracted easily- some random person’s farewell or birthday, movie, a date or simple procrastination are some of the most immaterial and distracting reasons why you are not getting to your best life.

3. You can’t control your mind- mind is a spoilt little child. There are specific reward and punishment centres in the brain which are triggered by certain stimuli. Candy, pizza, sleep or booze stimulate the reward centre which is why our mind craves it repeatedly. Getting shit done, the thought of going to the gym ( for me at least) , eating healthy or disciplining your mind feels like a punishment initially which is why you need minimum 22-25 days of constant, conscience effort to form any lifestyle modifying good habit.

4. You think you are not enough- the most powerful people are those who aren’t afraid to be by themselves.

5. You are surrounded by unfocussed people who are comfortable being where they are- choose your circle very very carefully.

And as for me, I’m guilty of all of the 5 things mentioned above. But hey, acceptance is the first step right? At least I hope so.

I’ll get back to you on this when I figure out how to combat these mistakes in a do- able and healthy way.

Let me know if you have done any of these things and gotten to the other side a winner.

Here’s to being a healthy , happy hustler and making ourselves proud. And most importantly, cheers for trying to.

Lots of love,

Brown girl on a budget 🙂


Rantings of a drained conscience.

“I am so tired. I’m gonna sleep like a log tonight.” Me, thinking to myself, everyday for the past 3 days.

Lying on the bed, wide awake, thinking, “Oh, the temperature isn’t right, maybe I need a different sheet, this cover’s too thick for me, or may be I just need to pee, I’m thirsty again, awh shucks, pee time again..”

And now, on the 4th consecutive day of a rather similar incident, a bell rings at the back of my mind. TG.

My most important goal of this year, which can make or brake my life. I’m unable to take required efforts towards it. I’m stuck but at least now my inner self is aware about it.

Guess it’s time to let everything else go and focus. On the one thing which is most important. So that I could get the next thing which is most important, my beloved, my sleep.

Okay bye.

Loads of yawning and love from my side,

Brown girl on a budget 🙂

The virtues/vices of virtual reality.

“Dreams don’t work, unless you do.” We must have heard it a bunch of times. That doesn’t mean we really understand it though. I didn’t. For quite some time.

And most of us, tend to choose ignorance at this point, because let’s be real, it can be a really terrifying, confusing, apprehensive and difficult phase.

We, the millennials, are a tech- savvy gen next. Screens are our best friends and it’s obvious to get a little too attached. Specially when we are trying to ignore or escape the pressures of reality. Attached up to a point, it controls and consumes us. Prevents us from functioning to our best of ability.

Be it ignorance or procrastination, I always put off things till tomorrow what I didn’t want to do today.

And then one fine day, I woke up to find myself at crossroads of my life, a point from where my entire life could go a certain way.

It is very easy to get lost in the virtual world. Hence, this friendly reminder to not let it.

Switch off that television screen, don’t waste your time watching someone else live their life, but go out and live your own. Press that red button on the remote, turn off your cellular data and WiFi, sure it’ll prick you for a second. But also it will open up a whole new set of possibilities for you.

Anything beyond a limit is harmful.

Lot’s of love,

Brown girl on a budget 🙂

Being in a fitness rut.

Everyone has some few days where they feel like hogging everything edible or ditching exercise. For me, it turned into a cheat week then a month and now almost 8 months. No working out, eating whatever pleases my stubborn mind and later being sad about it. Now, I think I’m even over the being sad part. It’s just hogging, sleeping, functioning, doing only that much what is expected of me, to say the least.

Need. Major. Help.

So I decided to take a little break from my routine, and off to my sister’s marriage for the weekend.

And with some fresh perspective, I’ll be back Wednesday. Hopefully conquering this rut and coming out the other side as a motivated and a focussed person. Ready to hustle again.

So what I’m trying to say is, yeah you lose focus sometimes, just breathe, take a step back, manage the lighting and give time to the lens to adjust, focus and take a beautiful picture Aka your existence.

Thanks and cheers.

Lots of love,

Brown girl on a budget 🙂

20 things about me.

1. I am a doctor.

2. I am in love.

3. I have had a very easy and a happy and protected life.

4. I can stand nowhere, if it isn’t for God.

5. I love chocolate. Love might be an understatement. I’d love to live in a house of chocolate and swim in Nutella. Yeah, that almost covers it.😂😂

6. I am a lazy ass and I procrastinate on doing almost everything.

7. I’m obsessed with completing one season a day irrespective of the number of episodes 🙈

8. I hate getting dressed for the gym. Working out is fine. But hate going. 🤔

9. I’m now in a sane, happy and positive space. After a couple of rough months. Everything passes eventually.

10. I want to pet a beagle.

11. I believe in “quality over quantity”.

12. WordPress is therapeutic for me. 😇

13. The comments I receive on this platform brighten up my time 🙂 thank you so much 😘

14. I really want this blog to reach the target audience so that my experiences can help you save at least a little bit of trouble.

15. My idea of a kick ass vacation is on a beach and in a 5 star resort.😎

16. I love my mom way more than I can ever express.

17. I want to give back to every single person who helped me get where I am today and where I will be in the future.

18. I’m running outta things to write now.

19. My life priorities are- sleep, food, shopping, going out, in that order.😂

20. Oh and I am an Overthinking weird and and over the top emotional person. I can cry anytime anywhere for any reason.😂

Ok thanks.

Lots of love,

Brown girl on a budget 🙂

My unhealthy experience with mental health.

I’ve heard that heartbreaks are good for you. They show you who you are, they make you stronger and wiser.

But no one talks about the time which comes in between. Right from your heart breaks up until you become stronger and wiser.

For me, it was an intense experience, to say the least.

I think this is the time where you realise your true potential to thrive or to drown.

Heartbreak left me in a dark, dark place. I could feel the force pulling me into a black hole which seemed to get deeper and deeper with each passing moment.

All the while I kept thinking, how can someone possibly get out from this place. And that I was screwed.

After almost 2 days of on and off crying, screaming, shit-thinking and counselling, I ran away from the place which had turned me into a borderline ill person and went home. To my safe place.

Sat alone. And made a choice.

It was quite simple actually. I chose to let it go. Because I chose to thrive.

Whatever mess you think you’re in, however deep it may be, there is always a way out. Only you can help yourself. So go ahead, give it your all. To that job, relationship or whatever it is you are struggling for.

Don’t be afraid to hit the rock bottom. But make sure when you do, you make a choice, to thrive and rise up, stronger and wiser.

Nothing in this world is worth giving a shit if it makes you unhappy. Sure people are all wired differently and it takes sacrifice and adjustments to make things work.

But if you think it’s affecting your mental health, trust me and let it all go. You are enough.

You are everything.

Lots of love,

Brown girl on a budget 🙂

Let’s wallow in self-pity.

You have this one body and mind. You live all your life here. You owe it to yourself to unapologetically and relentlessly care and strive to make it better.

I understand this. I really do. I try to live by it.

But it is okay to feel lost sometimes.

No one is supposed to be happy all the time. It’s not mental health. It’s crap.

So what do we do?

1. I think, primarily, we must Stop Overthinking.

It just creates a problem which wasn’t there in the first place or aggravates it unnecessarily.

2. And then, be there for yourself.

Give yourself a little pep talk, primp your hair up and shake it up a bit.

Evvvvvvverything finds it’s way and everything takes you forward, provided you are ready to roll with it.

Don’t. Ever, give up on yourself.

Yeah we all indulge in self pity from time to time, personally I roll around in it. I whine and cry. A lot. But never drown in it.

Enjoy the flow, eat your favourite thing, spend time with loved ones and cry your eyes out. But make sure once you’re done, you’re done.

And be ready to present your best self at life again.

Trust God and know that everything happens for a reason.

Tomorrow will be a better day.

Lots of love,

Brown girl on a budget 🙂