Days, months,years.

Tomorrow would have been the 4th anniversary or whatever of my first and only past relationship or whatever.

Time is a funny thing you know?

These anniversary dates and all didn’t mean very much to me back in the day , because i thought of it as a milestone we’re crossing with many many big ones to go ahead.

Somewhere along the lines things we grew apart. And today scrolling through in my phone I came across this date, our date and memories.

There’s no real need to get dramatic though right? If it was perfect it would still be going on.

But I’m hating this process. Of moving on. I’m fed up of all the effort and emotions it’s taking for me to get past it. And even today, once in a while, the time comes when I cannot hold it together and I cannot think about anything else but come running back to you that instant.

Guess it’s just a bad day huh?

Here is a bunch of things I think would help if anyone of us is in this situation-

1. Watch funny TV shows

2. Spend time with your family and friends

3. Eat something fantastic

4. Trust the process

5. Cry it all out. Yeah!! go crazy. It’s therapeutic.

6. Don’t sit alone .

7. Do not think and overthink about it. You will just make it into a bigger mess than it is.

8. Sleeeeeeeeeep.

And know that tomorrow will be a better and a happier day!!! Lots of love

– brown girl on a budget


Life diarrhoea.

Shit happens. So we all say. We can live with that. We know how to survive that.

But what if the frequency of shits goes on to be so high, that your entire life seems to have gone into a diarrhoea mode.

So, what would be the equivalent of eating bananas and curd rice in life diarrhoea?

(Those are the remedial foods for the real thing, just in case)

And really what is up with people these days? Morality seems to have disappeared altogether.

Being a Two faced bitch has become a good thing comparatively because now a days bitches have 10 different faces for 10 different people.

Why do people not want other people to succeed, move on, be happy?

Just let live. Don’t mess up somebody else’s life just because you can’t figure out what you want. And because you don’t have the understanding to see what the other person is offering you with most sincere of intenstions.

And once you leave them alone, let them work on themselves. Don’t go in every chance you’re bored and mess them other in a whole other way. Getting the courage to move on all over again is so hard.

Don’t hurt them because they were foolish enough to give you another chance.

Ok then. On to watch modern family now. Got to find a way to laugh in every situation am I right?


The importance of drinking water.

We have heard it all. In movies, interviews, magazines you name it.

But I think it’s time we really understand the basis as to why water is actually a wonderful fluid, and must be consumed religiously, by cultivating a habit.

And why it can be life changing.

1. You are almost 70% made up of water.

All the cells, tissues and organs of our body need water for its metabolism and smooth functioning.

Water output constantly takes place from the body in the form of sweat, some through respiration and rest through the kidneys.

Hence, maintaining the input-output ratio is essential.

2. Water can get you that flawless skin.

Improper water intake causes loss of healthy skin glow and may cause skin problems due to improper clearing of metabolites from the body.

3. Water catalyses weight loss.

Apart from keeping you full thus decreasing the caloric intake, water can speed up your metabolism by almost 20-25 calories/ hour.

4.Water aids in digestion.

Decreased water content in the body can cause constipation, renal and ureteric calculi.

5. Decreases chances of urinary tract infections.

6. Detoxifies your body.

7. Improves muscle recovery and joint health.

Small changes over time can make a huge impact on your body, mind and on your life.

Start by inculcating this simple habit in your routine. One small step. One day at a time.

There are even some apps available which remind you to drink water from time to time. Some of them are-

1. Hydro coach

2. Water minder

3. H2O alarm

4. Water please

Happy drinking!

Lots of love,

Brown girl on a budget 🙂

You are too precious to settle.

Love is the most beautiful thing in the world.

It makes you feel special, wanted and glad to be alive. It makes you feel that you are looked after, that you are never alone but at the same time, it makes you feel independent, and that you can take on anything. Be anything.

Love is an anchor. Also it is the wind beneath your wings.

Anything less is just anything but love. Life’s too short for that.

Don’t indulge in anything less, make your peace with it and move on .


Lots of love,

Brown girl on a budget 🙂

Light bulb moment #1

There are about a thousand different ways of doing a thing wrong, and just 1 to do it right.

It’s perfectly okay if you can’t figure out the correct way just yet, but it’s important to realise at the right time, that your way is not the right way.

And when you do, make sure to let it go, gently.

Have a great day! 💕

Just keep swimming :)

Every once in a while, we get trapped in a whirlpool of doubts, overthinking our mistakes, worries, fears and other negative feelings with us being in the centre. Standing there, terrified. Thinking there’s no escape.

It’s okay to get overwhelmed, it simply means you are trying, you’re moving you’re arms and legs and attempting to reach someplace different.

I think sometimes we just need to refocus. And we can do that only by taking a step back. Keep your mind calm and just, look at things, from an outsider’s perspective. You’ll realize half of your problems are just over thought stories.

There is no need to worry or bet against yourself love. Everything comes your way in the right place and time just as intended by the higher power. I find complete peace and control in this thought.

There is someone, greater than us, who loves and looks out for us. And nothing or no one can harm you in the presence of this power.

So comforting don’t you think?

So how to do this you ask?

1. Believe in a higher power.

2. Stop stressing for small things, and think about the big picture.

3. Relax, take some time off, breathe.

4. Cut toxic things and people out.

Please feel free to contact me for a little bit more of an insight on this.

Lots of love,

Brown girl on a budget 🙂

I miss you.

That logical reason you gave for us to be apart, that last hug you gave saying it’s hard, those few tears you shed just when I said you wouldn’t, confuses me.

Those desperate attempts to prevent myself from being alone, always surrounded by people I hardly even know, those random activities I engage in to be busy, those heartbreak songs I listen to because I’m in too deep, exhausts me.

The way you show me where I stand, how you would happily choose to play video games when I’m mad, how you would lean in towards some other girl when here I am, saddens me.

All I can hope for is for this time to pass quickly, for the days are not bad but the nights are prickly,

I don’t know how I can bear this sight, one heartbreak they say, shapes you darling, you’ll be alright.

– Brown girl on a budget.