Let’s wallow in self-pity.

You have this one body and mind. You live all your life here. You owe it to yourself to unapologetically and relentlessly care and strive to make it better.

I understand this. I really do. I try to live by it.

But it is okay to feel lost sometimes.

No one is supposed to be happy all the time. It’s not mental health. It’s crap.

So what do we do?

1. I think, primarily, we must Stop Overthinking.

It just creates a problem which wasn’t there in the first place or aggravates it unnecessarily.

2. And then, be there for yourself.

Give yourself a little pep talk, primp your hair up and shake it up a bit.

Evvvvvvverything finds it’s way and everything takes you forward, provided you are ready to roll with it.

Don’t. Ever, give up on yourself.

Yeah we all indulge in self pity from time to time, personally I roll around in it. I whine and cry. A lot. But never drown in it.

Enjoy the flow, eat your favourite thing, spend time with loved ones and cry your eyes out. But make sure once you’re done, you’re done.

And be ready to present your best self at life again.

Trust God and know that everything happens for a reason.

Tomorrow will be a better day.

Lots of love,

Brown girl on a budget 🙂


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