Note to self: do NOT substandardise relationships.

Brown Girl on a budget

The most important decision you make in your life is who you choose as your partner.

100 percent absofreakinlutely accurate!

I’ll definately elaborate this through personal experiences and pictures in my next post but right now, I’d like to make an addition to this quote-

Not only your partner. But your friends.

Choosing your friends is the most important task and has an immediate effect in all the smaller and greater parts of your life.

We often get so involved in the idea of love. And how our perfect partner should be like. That we tend to really raise our standards and expectations in that area while comparatively ignoring those standards for our friends.

College is the time where you suddenly meet a ton of people. To the point where it consumes you. Peer politics is not new in any field. Whether you are an ISRO scientist or a sorority…

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