So much for body positivity.

Brown Girl on a budget

When was the last time you looked at yourself in the mirror and thought, “damn I’m a fine piece of work”, or “I’m reallly glowing today”, or even a “I think I look really nice today.”

Women, and I speak from my own example, always tend to be over critical about their bodies.

And in most cases, it’s never a real problem you know, you look fine, you look you.

Flawed, a little clumsy, very very real and simply amazing.

Try seeing your old pictures from a 3rd person’s point of view. And see what you think of yourself.

Trying to look like someone else, or comparing your belly to her abs or your mermaid thighs to her thigh gap is just a waste of time love.

You are just perfect.

Im not saying that we shouldnt try to become the better, fitter version of ourselves. Oh no. We must…

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  1. Adnama72Blog · October 19, 2017

    Hurrah! Yes if you don’t feel like this it won’t radiate or encourage others to see it and love you. Took me many years to get this. Now I do most of the time. On days I don’t I try not to let it show through that I don’t.

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  2. RaychelSays · October 19, 2017

    Such a great post!!! Really enjoyed this xoxo

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