Part 2- my vices, my addictions: Technology

If you read my previous post, you would know that according to latest research, an average person, tends to check their phones or computers, 60-70 times every day!!

That has numerous repercussions on our minds and bodies alike.

I say this from personal experience.

What I experienced

Here’s a little example,

So, I tend to hold my phone with in my right hand with my index finder stretched and scrolling the screen with my thumb.

During my most deep days of this tech-addiction, I started experiencing pain in my right hand, only along the index finger and below it, and it took me a few days to identify the cause for this but it really made me think.

This is a pretty small example, but it made me realize I was on the path to abusing my phone and I always say, keep critiquing yourself, keep checking if you’re on the right track and change it if you see otherwise.

Early diagnosis, better prognosis. Period.

Then comes the way people potray their lives in the most glamorous way on social media. It does affect you thinking you’re studying for your finals and your friends are at a Krewella concert constantly sending you the updates.

And it’s never all that glamorous as it shows up on the internet you guys.

I uninstalled snapchat soon after I realised it was distracting me from what’s important right now.

I started my instagram page for this blog a few days back. And I became so obsessed with it, it physically pained me to see even 1 person unfollowing me. So I logged out. For my peace of mind.

Social validation becomes a huge pressure and can seriously affect your peace of mind.

Besides, I wanted my content to reach people who really value other people’s stories and writings which I have here.

I am so grateful for my wonderful wordpress family here. You guys are the best 😍

What I learnt-

It is a clinically proven dependance syndrome which affects the way various hornones are released in our body. It causes fatigue, mood changes, hair loss and abnormal patterns in release of cortisol hormones which affects all the activities of our body.

Internet is great. Use it for the right purposes and for the right time and we can do wonders.

Talk to the people in the room. Build meaningful relationships. Emojis aren’t half as fun as the real stuff.

Do share your tech-dependant experiences too and let me know your thoughts!

Lots and lots of love,

Brown girl on a budget 🙂


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