Dissecting the concept of Love.

Relationships are of different qualities. They can be casual ones, open relationships, convenient relationships or may be there just out of boredom.

Both persons know which quality of relationship they are in.

And according to most popular definitions of love- ” it is a feeling of great affection for another person”

Keyword being feeling. So its pretty clear we cannot quantify it.

So now that we are clear on the quality and quantity, which is the third factor which actually enormously affects this extremely high-rated and soul-stirring feeling ?

I think you would’ve guessed it right.


A clear psyche leads to better actions and outcomes for you as well as those associated with you.

Prioritize what you want. What will make you happy. Spend some time with yourself , knowing yourself because that is how you can achieve that feeling of love which you will not let go.

Once you know what you want from a relationship, you will be clear from the beginning not giving false expectations to yourself or to the other person.

In med school, they teach us to dissect the body and learn how the different components inside work, independently and with each other ultimately creating this miraculous and healthy body.

So if we dissected this feeling, learnt how and when it works, imagine how amazing, beautiful and healthy love will you create, for yourself and for others!

Too much food for thought eh? No more food for sometime now. Might lead to indigestion.

(Note to self : please!!! better jokes next time)

Lots of love,

Brown girl on a budget 🙂


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