Are we going in the right direction?

This question is pretty much an unsolved puzzle for me. I am no expert at all. But I am a constant learner.

Whatever little I could understand I try to present to you in the most precise way possible.

It is difficult to stay sane, focused, positive and ambitious in this really distracting, “YOLO” type of atmosphere around us these days.

So how do we keep a check on ourselves? How can we be sure that we are on the right track in our life, and not just living it because death isn’t here yet?

From what I have observed, it depends on your thoughts.

I have not read the book “Secret” but I have read what the book says on the back cover. That might be a pretty dumb statement you’d say but I’m not here to lie.

So the power of thought.

What goes on in your mind is the best indicator for what type of a person you are becoming.

You need to pay attention. And if you don’t like what you’re thinking, change it.

If you are single, and constantly thinking about the things you will do when you find the perfect one, you are living in fantasy.

If you think about the things your friend does or buys or how she is more popular, you are living in jealousy.

If you think about what you are going to eat next, you are like me. Haha.

Think positive things. Don’t let your mind be consumed in these negative thoughts. As a human, it is obvious to feel jealousy, rage even hatred. But again take it from a former all time jealous person, it is NOT worth your time and energy AT ALL.

Download news apps or things like quora or pinterest which make you more productive. Read positive blogs like this one. ( have to advertise a little)

And spend time with people who bring out the best in you.

Lots of love,

Brown girl on a budget 🙂



  1. Nisthur Anadi · August 15, 2017

    Hope connected with positive soul…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. New kid on the blog · October 16, 2017



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