The need to do more. Is it healthy?

We have all felt, at some point, the feeling of * not being enough*.

Not being skinny enough, pretty enougj, smart enough, heard enough, happy enough and the list can go on forever.

We tend to get affected by the things happening around us so much that we do not get time to actually breathe and think about these feelings. And so they deepen. And deepen. And become a part of our subconcious mind.

Was that too philosophical?

What I basically mean is we need to find a way for our alone time. The importance of having *me-time* is much stressed upon for healthy minds in various articles.

When we sit with ourselves, think about the happenings of the day, things which made you happy, and things which didn’t, retrospect it, you can learn so much about yourself. And calculate what is really worth giving fucks about and what is not.

So I urge you to try this today, sit with yourself, talk to yourself about how you are feeling. Entangle your mind. And breathe.

You will feel a lot lighter and happy the next day. It won’t take more that 7 minutes. #triedandtested

Do let us all know what are your ways to entangle and detoxify- mind and body! And also whether you found this little article to be of any value at all.

Lots of love,

Brown girl on a budget. 🙂


One comment

  1. Nisthur Anadi · August 15, 2017

    Ye Dil mange more…Lol.


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