The motivation from online shopping companies..

Now that everyone owns a smart phone and we constantly keep messing with it, shopping online or more accurately- Window- shopping online is one of our favourite past times. Isn’t it?

These guys message me 7-10 times a day which is much more than my friends, boyfriend or my parents.

The motivation which these companies provide to us for shopping is something so funny.. they go like ” last 2 hours, megasale with mega rewards coming up for you! Go on, fill your cart, do it!

And on some occasions we do tend to fall prey to these fake sales they try to lure us into.

The reason I write this is so that you can be reminded to not waste your precious time and concentration in these so called sales.

Don’t get me wrong. The thought of getting something good for cheaper price that what it is makes me so happy.!! But most of the times these aren’t authentic and worth all that “go on, grab ’em quick” hassle.

Yeah so what do you think? Also do let us all know of the *authentic* sales going around so that we can help each other build that bomb of a wardrobe.

Lots of love,

Brown girl on a budget. 🙂


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