The best of both worlds.

You know how your life changes when after 12th grade you finally enter a graduate course.

There are 2 options you’ll say-

1. Take admission in a college in your city and stay at home

2. Take admission in some other distant city where you are forced to live in hostels/dorms and eat weird mess food and visit home once in many months.

Then I got the third option.

I study at a medical school which is around 80 kilometres from my house.

And man isn’t that a delight.

You miss suji ka halwa or ghar ka pulao- yo mom in coming in 2 hours.

You run a little bit of fever- yo mom I’ll be home in 2 hours.

You get sick of your college peers- yo mom I’ll be there in 2.

Haha. It seriously cannot get better.

And yes, Living in a hostel is like a rite of passage. You learn so much about human behaviour, you study in groups hours before exam, and hostel birthdays are the best!

You can get any episode of any series in any language in a matter of minutes because helloooo diversity!!!

If you get into such a situation, trust me and go to a place which is not very far from home but is away.

***Sings best of both worlds by hannah montana and goes off to sleep peacefully*** 😂😂



  1. Parvathy Sarat · August 20, 2017

    Aaaah. This is the life I wished I had while in college (I was a dayscholar btw). Have fun 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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