Rantings of a drained conscience.

"I am so tired. I'm gonna sleep like a log tonight." Me, thinking to myself, everyday for the past 3 days. Lying on the bed, wide awake, thinking, "Oh, the temperature isn't right, maybe I need a different sheet, this cover's too thick for me, or may be I just need to pee, I'm thirsty … Continue reading Rantings of a drained conscience.


The virtues/vices of virtual reality.

"Dreams don't work, unless you do." We must have heard it a bunch of times. That doesn't mean we really understand it though. I didn't. For quite some time. And most of us, tend to choose ignorance at this point, because let's be real, it can be a really terrifying, confusing, apprehensive and difficult phase. … Continue reading The virtues/vices of virtual reality.