Time for a quick lesson.

We’ve all had those moral science classes in school which would turn into game periods and be forgotten. It was okay then, because we practiced morals in our day to day lives and didn’t need a 40 minute lesson to remind us of it. But today, after all these years I’m sure you wouldn’t mind revision of a few things which we forgot over time or neglected because well, life happened.

Your morals and beliefs shape your entire being. So it’s pretty essential to make sure they are clear and conformed in your mind.

1)Honesty: The most important of it all. It is so imperative to be honest with yourself first. And then with others. Let people know what your intentions are for them. Build each other up and nurture your relationship. And if not please be honest about your intentions and save the other person’s misery.

People now a day’s have become so self immersed and apathic. The while “I don’t give a shit” act is seriously old and tired guys. It is good to give a shit. It means you have something to look forward to.

2) Respect others- Everyone you know is fighting a battle you know nothing about. They are trying to do the best they can because ultimately they have to look out for themselves.

Wish them well and let them be.

But don’t get played by people.

3) Respect yourself- Don’t be a pushover. Keep your head clear about what works for you and what doesn’t. Stand up for yourself. You are all you have.

3)Develop intelligence- Bookish knowledge and multiple degrees in not what intelligence means. Sure it’s a part of it, but try to develop it in a more evolved and deeper sense. Develop understanding, nurturing, responsibility and love.

4) Take responsibility- Things change with time and we get stuck doing things the old way. It’s important to sit and reflect on your actions every once in a while.

And if you’re unhappy with your decisions, you know it’s time to grow up and revise your morals some more.

And of course we are all humans, bound to make mistakes. I think the only thing we can do is be honest about it and make sure no one gets hurt in the process.

Cheers to growing up and holding our moral ground.

Lots of love,

Brown girl on a budget 🙂


Family comes first.

Everyone is trying to do the best they can.

Please be kind to people.

Specially your family.

It can be the family which you started out with, or the one you made along the way.

Learn to love them, even when it’s difficult. Specially when it’s difficult.

Family is supposed to lean on and be there for each other, when the whole world is against them.

You cannot turn against your own people based on some assumptions or impressions which other people make. You have to stand up for your family in front of those who have anything bad to say against them.

Give them a chance to explain at least? Before you go ahead and pass judgements about them.

Try to understand their situation. No one wants to complicate life. And people are trying to do their best, please believe that.

Nothing can be more hurtful than knowing your own person has such hostile perceptions of you.

And who are you to be in a position of judge for them? Be kind. Be considerate. Be empathatic please. They have been there with you through everything. Regardless. Look at yourself in the mirror and please introspect on the fact that what brought on such hate and despair in you?

Everyone has issues. You cannot let your close ones down at every chance you get just because you cannot deal with their issues. Please please be kind to them and walk them through those issues. Just like they did for you in the past. So. Many. Times.

Don’t hold hate in your heart for them. That’s all anyone could ask for.

Of course you could just let it all go and lead your life ahead without them, but you owe it to them to at least try. With all your heart. Work Through those issues with them. And come out the other side with a better, stronger relation.

Eternally greateful.

I have quite a few bullet points I thought I should jot down at one place because they’ve helped me. A lot. I hope you find something to think upon in here 🙂

1.Regrets are a waste of time. Whatever you did in that moment, was your own choice. Of course consequences can be good or bad. But never ever regret anything you’ve done because it could lead you to something fantastic that could change your life forever or to a very important lesson which could make your life better.

2. Everybody has their own share of problems and the fun is to learn how to ride the storm rather than hide from it.

And I have been super lucky to find a group of supporting,loving and downright adorable people who are in it with me. Thank you!

3. Family is messy. Just like all real things are.

4. If and when someone say they love you, and if they really mean it, they will accept the whole of you. Not just the good parts. The baggage, the quirks, the mess, everything. And they will strive to love you more so they could help to heal you.

Please don’t settle for anything less.

5. Time does not matter but intentions do.

6. Don’t keep making the same mistake just because you’ve spent a lot of time on it.

7. Everyone is trying to do the best they can. Please don’t put your negativity on them. Let them breathe.

8. Walk away from anything that makes you feel less.

9. Build real relationships because it really does take a village.

10. Never forget where you come from and please be great ful and respectful of the same because that is what got you where you are.

Lots of love,

Brown girl on a budget 🙂

Spot a toxic person. Kick ’em out. And save yourself. Please.

I wish I didn’t know what I’m about to conveniently write in this post.

But I guess what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

Grad life gave me vivid experiences and lessons that I’m thankful for. And then some.

I had a slimy toxic weed in my life for quite some time which as it happens made my life really difficult and affected my mental health quite a bit.

Being a social animal is really tricky I reckon.

Please choose your companions mindfully. They affect everything.

So now, after coming out of this filth (almost) , and taking a fair bit of time, I figured I didn’t really have as many problems as I initially thought. They were all connected to this one stinky vibed person manipulating the shit out of the things and the people that I loved.

Long story short, I think it’s really important to take some time to see if another person really deserves your time and emotions. If they really deserve to be a part of your life in any manner.

Here’s a checklist I gathered from my experiences, which constitute a shitty toxic person and that’s your cue to get away from such people, ASAP.

1. They know what to say, when and how to say it. They are smooth talkers. They know how to keep a conversation going. And they know how keep the crowd entertained. No matter how many lies or fake scenarios they have to create to do so.

2. They like to create misunderstandings. It may be something ranging from trivial or any major event that might affect you. I guess they just want other’s lives to be as fucked up as possible because their’s is too.

3. They will pursue you like you are the most important person in the world for them. But that would be just for their personal selfish reasons or errands.

4. Once their purpose is done, they will trash you out like yesterday’s McDonald’s fries.

5. They have no moral compass. Whatsoever.

I totally understand that life is not black and white. We all make mistakes and it’s what makes us human. But there is a difference between making a mistake and making a series of immoral disgusting choices which you know would affect others in a negative way.

6. They are the hidden reason for whatever drama is being dragged into your life.

7. Manipulation is their biggest virtue. Duh!

8. You will not get any peace or closure levelling out with these people. So it’s best to kick ’em out as early as possible.

( I hope this is not true though. Everyone needs closure.)

Okay. if someone came into your mind after reading this, you really need to thing about what’s next.

Please feel free to add anymore points so that we can all learn to protect ourselves and cut out negativity altogether.

Positive vibes only!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Lots of love,

Brown girl on a budget 🙂

Box it up!

Clear out your windshield to see clearly and avoid mishaps.

On similar lines, compartmentalize.

“Compart-(to see clearly through)- mental -eyes.”

Okay, that sounded better in my head. But you get it right?

You are playing 10 different roles at any time in your life.

Brother sister mother father aunt Uncle nephew niece boyfriend girlfriend best friend colleague boss mentor student and so much more.

No one has it all sorted. Everyone is facing some little some big troubles here and there, in one compartment or the other. And that’s just a part of life .

Cannot let that one compartment affect all the other good things that you have going on!!

Learn to be in the present. Concentrate on the task at hand. And don’t fuss over the one thing which is wrong in one particular part of your life while ignoring the good things happening to you right now.

It was not a bad day. They were bad 5 minutes which you stretched out into your day because of overthinking.

Let it go. Box it up and focus on the next compartment.

Yes when you face that problem again , give your 100 percent to solve it.

And when you step into one of your other roles, forget about it.

Learn to compartmentalize.

I’ve practiced this for quite some time now and I cannot explain the level of peace this brought to me.

Lemme know what you think..

Lots of love,

Brown girl on a budget 🙂

Days, months,years.

Tomorrow would have been the 4th anniversary or whatever of my first and only past relationship or whatever.

Time is a funny thing you know?

These anniversary dates and all didn’t mean very much to me back in the day , because i thought of it as a milestone we’re crossing with many many big ones to go ahead.

Somewhere along the lines things we grew apart. And today scrolling through in my phone I came across this date, our date and memories.

There’s no real need to get dramatic though right? If it was perfect it would still be going on.

But I’m hating this process. Of moving on. I’m fed up of all the effort and emotions it’s taking for me to get past it. And even today, once in a while, the time comes when I cannot hold it together and I cannot think about anything else but come running back to you that instant.

Guess it’s just a bad day huh?

Here is a bunch of things I think would help if anyone of us is in this situation-

1. Watch funny TV shows

2. Spend time with your family and friends

3. Eat something fantastic

4. Trust the process

5. Cry it all out. Yeah!! go crazy. It’s therapeutic.

6. Don’t sit alone .

7. Do not think and overthink about it. You will just make it into a bigger mess than it is.

8. Sleeeeeeeeeep.

And know that tomorrow will be a better and a happier day!!! Lots of love

– brown girl on a budget

Life diarrhoea.

Shit happens. So we all say. We can live with that. We know how to survive that.

But what if the frequency of shits goes on to be so high, that your entire life seems to have gone into a diarrhoea mode.

So, what would be the equivalent of eating bananas and curd rice in life diarrhoea?

(Those are the remedial foods for the real thing, just in case)

And really what is up with people these days? Morality seems to have disappeared altogether.

Being a Two faced bitch has become a good thing comparatively because now a days bitches have 10 different faces for 10 different people.

Why do people not want other people to succeed, move on, be happy?

Just let live. Don’t mess up somebody else’s life just because you can’t figure out what you want. And because you don’t have the understanding to see what the other person is offering you with most sincere of intenstions.

And once you leave them alone, let them work on themselves. Don’t go in every chance you’re bored and mess them other in a whole other way. Getting the courage to move on all over again is so hard.

Don’t hurt them because they were foolish enough to give you another chance.

Ok then. On to watch modern family now. Got to find a way to laugh in every situation am I right?